make a website

1: On any ESI phone within the system, press PROG/HELP.
                Note: If using an ESI Feature Phone that has separate PROGRAM and HELP keys, press PROGRAM.
                The normal station programming menu prompt will begin to play.
2: Stop the prompt by pressing HOLD (or, on an older ESI phone, PARK).
3: Enter the Administrator password and then press #.

                   Note: If this doesn’t admit you to Administrator-level programming (the phone display should show ADMINISTRATOR), contact your                   

                    ESI Reseller for assistance.

4: Access Function 14 by pressing 1 4.
                (If the system prompts you to press 1 to set time and date, do so.)
5: Enter a new time using a twelve-hour format and then press #.
                Example: Enter 1 2 3 3 # for 12:33 or 3 1 5 # for 3:15 (note that you need no leading zero for the time).
6: Select AM or PM by pressing a scroll key and then #.
7: When the date appears, either:

            Press # to accept the currently displayed date as correct;


            Enter a new date in an eight-digit format, including leading zeroes, and then press # and hang up to finish the entry.

                Example: For March 11, 2009, enter 0 3 1 1 2 0 0 9 # (and, to repeat, leading zeroes are required here, unlike in Step 5).