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Changing the time and date on a Samsung phone system.
** Be Careful! You are entering programming and could effect other programs and the operation of your system.**

    To change the time and date on a Samsung iDCS100, OfficeServ 7100, OfficeServ 100, OfficeServ 7200, OfficeServ 7400, iDCS500, 50si,     DS616 and iDCS16 you must first log into admin programming:

1: Leave the handset down and press Transfer 200
2: Enter the pass code (1 2 3 4 by default)
3: Press 1 and then Speaker

    Once you are in programming mode follow these steps to change your time and date:

1: Dial 505
2: Enter the day of the week (Sunday is 0, Monday is 1, Tuesday is 2, Wednesday is 3, etc.)
3: Enter 2 digits for the Month
4: Enter 2 digits for the Day of the Month
5: Enter 2 digits for the Year
6: Enter the hour in 24-hour format
7: Enter the minutes
8: Press Transfer to exit